Who Discovered Constellations?

Asking "who discovered constellations?" seems like an easy enough question to ask. In fact, I thought that it would be an easy question to answer. But in reality, it's not so easy...

Why Not?

The fact of the matter is that we don't know. For as long as civilizations existed, stars were visible from Earth.

Someone, somewhere, a long time ago in a place probably far away, looked up from the surface of the Earth at night. (I could just imaging someone out for a walk, late at night....)

But, Really, Who Did It?

As I thought about how to answer this question, not knowing doesn't really satisfy me. I'm sure it wouldn't help you either, so I decided to dig a bit deeper.

It's Time To Ask A Different Question

Sometimes when we ask questions, the answers are difficult (if not impossible) to find. In other words, because of the way the question is worded, it doesn't help us move toward the answer.

Fortunately, there is another question we can ask that can be answered.

Who Discovered The Stars In The Constellations?

Ah, there we have it. We may not know enough information to say that Hercules first recognized and named a constellation. But, we do have some more recent information about the actual stars that make up the constellations.

So, for example, instead of asking

  1. Who discovered Taurus?
  2. Who discovered Orion?

We could ask

  1. Who discovered the 7 Sisters of the Taurus constellation?
  2. Who discovered the Cat's Eye Nebula of the Orion Constellation?

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