What Are Constellations?

Good question! Constellations are named groups of various stars according to a standard dictionary definition. But,... that's not the entire story.

A Grouping of Stars

The answer really depends on who you ask. If you asked an Astronomer, they might say something similar to the dictionary answer.

If you ask an Astrologist, they might answer with something more about the Zodiac signs and their "astrological meanings" for your life.

A Familiar Friend

If you ask me, a constellation is a far-away friend that stops by occasionally to watch over you. Sure, there are the familiar 12 zodiac patterns. But there are also so many other (sometimes far more popular) famous star patterns.

(As a side note, if you ever see a word you don't understand, check out the glossary to see if there is a definition available.)

What About Their History?

Cat's Eye Nebula from The Orion Constellation
Orion's Cat's Eye Nebula
Glad you asked. I have so many myths and stories about them that I'd like to share with you. In fact, the legends and histories are amazing and about real people. (At least, to the best of my knowledge they were real people.) Every myth starts out with being found.

How To Find Them

Locating these star formations is really easy once you know what to look for. It will help to have a picture, possibly even a list, and information about each one. But, that's a lot of information to take in all at once.

So, the question now is...

Where do you want to start?

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